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Albed was founded in 1964 with the idea of making high-quality design aluminium complements. It has developed its style and its own production skills, while maintaining its original goals. Our products are made entirely in italy, with raw materials that comply with all environment and safety criteria.

A wide ranging production of doors, room dividing systems and walk-in wardrobes. These solutions can adapt to any space, to furnish rooms while creatively optimising every area of the home and office in a refined, thoughtful and innovative manner. Technology, know-how and our production cycle that is entirely an internal process, allows us to make products and offer a “tailor-made” service for every furnishing need.



, Boccolini&Delmonte was built ,in Milan, in Via Mincio, the company aims to the trade of hardware for furniture.

1983, The current headquarter was built in Nova Milanese, with the installation of new equipments and operative units
In the second half of the '80, using also the galvanic oxidation of the aluminium, the company starts the production of forniture

1996 DELMONTE Srl was established under the brand ALBED.

A new era of the Company starts: the production of sliding and swing doors in aluminium, glass and wood, combined with the production of system for partitions of the spaces, which thanks to the their design and the excellent quality, reach the success that even today is all over the world.

2015 Opening of the new Flagship Store in Milan in San Damiano, 5 Road…but the best is yet to come…STAY TUNED!



Alluminio, vetro, legno: materiali nobili, puliti e riciclabili. Utilizziamo materie prime che consentono il rispetto della natura sin dalla loro reperibilità.

: a common material with unique characteristics and a people-friendly ecological profile.

A world of aluminium. The development of modern technologies has allowed human beings to use this raw material that comes from the earth and reaches our homes in the
form of volumes, extrusions and dies. The ingredients of the new millennium are limitless, offering us a truly infinite range of applications. We can build new interior architectures for a demanding clientele who pays attention to new materials and is also devoted to preserving the past to create a borderline between innovation and memory, because our world is the positive future of past experiences – especially those connected with the lifecycle of raw materials. Including aluminium. If we love aluminium, we also love our earth.

Aluminium has suitable characteristics for daily use: food storage, building and natural furnishings.

Albed only uses raw materials of the highest quality. Extruded aluminium with UNI EN AW-6060 alloy compliant with UNI EN 755 standards. Anodising treatment compliant with UNI 10681. Powder paint finish compliant with UNI 12206 standards.

Glass: Albed only uses safety glass for mirrors on doors and sliding panels: layered glass compliant with standards UNI EN 12543 and UNI EN 12600; tempered glass compliant with standards UNI EN 12150 and UNI EN 12600.

Wood: Our woods protect forests from deforestation and are subjected to surface treatments with formaldehyde-free paints.



ALBED achieved in December 2016, the FSC®, the Forest Stewardship Council®, an organization that ensures the correct and responsible management of the forests from which our products with wooden finishings are made.

The FSC® international organization certifies that the raw material used by Albed in their products has been created in full compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standard required. Albed is proud of this, a certification recognized worldwide that shows the concrete commitment of the Company for an environmental protection.

With FSC® certification, Albed products comply with the LEED credits.

Albed has a quality management system certified ISO 9001